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"Prayer is the inner bath into which the soul plunges itself." - St. John Vianney



Praying Scripture (Lectio Divina)
by Wanda Schwandt 2008

Praying with scripture is a wonderful way to spend time with God and allow God’s Word to sink deeply into your heart and mind. Lectio Divina, or “Sacred Reading,” is an ancient method of prayer dating back to the Middle Ages, often described as “digesting” scripture.


Instead of reading 1 or 2 verses along with someone else’s commentary for devotional time, this practice connects you and God in a way that speaks to your own daily life. It is a great way for church committees/teams/groups to begin meetings, praying that God’s Spirit leads us into discernment for our faith community. Personally, while practicing Lectio Divina, I feel as if Spirit is speaking directly to my heart and gently inviting me into grow in faith, hope, and most of all, love for Christ and others. I pray the same for you.

Take a few moments to select a passage of scripture that draws you, then try the following:
Notice: Silencio
Get comfortable and take some deep breaths. Enter into silence by noticing what around you in the present moment – what you sense and feel. Then become aware of God’s presence with you.

Taste: Lectio
Read a short passage aloud and get a feel for what the passage contains and how the words roll off your tongue. Notice your initial reactions – what shimmers and what irritates?
After each reading, enter silence for as long as it feels right….

Bite: Meditatio
Bite into the passage - read it again; chew on it mentally; ask questions of the passage and of God. What flows through your mind and heart during this conversation? Wrestle with it a bit.
If you are reading a story or parable, put yourself in the place of each character within the story – how would you feel and react as that person? How do you feel as the words and actions are addressed to you? Where does this story resonate with your life experience?
Repetition of reading is intended to allow you to savor the Word on an intuitive level, allowing it to become part of the fiber of your being.

Swallow: Oratio
Read the passage a third time and let the words sink from your mind into your heart. Listen intently for God’s invitation to you. This may also be a good time to journal as your part of this dialogue or simply offer an appropriate prayer response – praise, gratitude, intercession, supplication…

Digest: Contemplatio
Put the words aside and be still in God’s presence. Let God nourish you as you naturally digest all that has taken place between you. Don’t work at it; your spirit will do what comes naturally to it, just as your body naturally digests food without your conscious aid. God will do the work deep within you without purposeful action on your part. Be still and rest in God’s loving embrace.

Live: Incarnatio
What invitation or opportunity does this seem to hold for you? What might your response be to God based on what you have read? Our bodies become ill when we are undernourished. Consider being nourished regularly by God in prayer and consider seriously how God is inviting you to expend the spiritual energy provided you. In all things – balance.

I have created a set of prayer beads that go along with the longer version, putting a series of smaller beads in between each movement in the prayer. This allows my body to help me concentrate on one thing at a time and move smoothly through the prayer. You may want to try making your own set of prayer beads or order a set from me (coming soon).




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